Colleen Mulhern

Travel Chaos

Although it seems like camping life would be fairly mundane, we of course have found a way to take things up a notch. Something as simple as moving to a new campground can be a little chaotic when it comes to us. Here is what happened last time we tried to move.

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Brenden Mulhern, Sr.

Nature News

Whether it's fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, or photographing bears in the wild, check out Brenden's Wildlife Connection to see what wildlife we have come across lately

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Emily Mulhern

Pet Pandamoneum

If you are thinking of going on the road, and are wondering how it would be with that cute little dog or cat of yours, just try to wrap your head around 3 dogs and 4 cats! Yep that's right! It's a wonder there is actually any room for us humans on board.

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Passport America

Social Media

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Disney 2015 Trip

What's the Campground Like?

Although we have spent the beginning of our trip staying at military rv sites, we have stayed in a number of "non military" parks as well. While I try to keep the reviews accurate, I also like to put a little levity into my posts.

Track Our Journey

We started our journey when we sold our home in Picayune, Mississippi. You can track our movement from the above map to see where we have been.